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Clean hair colors better

Updated: Jan 24, 2018

I'm not sure how the rumor began, but I can't tell you how many times I've heard a client say "The color should work great today, my hair is SUPER dirty!" This is simply NOT true.

It's true that we don't recommend applying haircolor to a scalp that has just been vigorously scrubbed, as it can be irritating. But everything from highlights to grey coverage will perfom better if it doesn't first have to eat through product buildup or even our own naatural oils.

Recently had anesthesia? Yup, effects haircolor. Got hard water, or been on vacation? Yup again! Residue left behind from minerals in hard water, or chlorine will absolutely prevent haircolor from penetrating the hairshaft. Using frizz preventinng products or cowashing your hair? You've likely got a buildup of silicones on your hair that aren't just keeping the humidity from penetrating. Even products that claim to have water soluble silicones that won't build up on your hair, eventually do.

Not to fear! A simple clarifying treatment can give you a clean slate and get those highlights lifted past big bird yellow and allow that grey to cover opaquely again! I recommend an in-salon clarifying treatment like Malibu C's Crystal Gel a few times per year. You can help at home by simply using a clarifying shampoo or at-home treatment before your next color appointment.

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