Meet Kendyl

           I was born into the wonderful Cosmo of beauty. No, really!

My mom is also a licensed cosmetologist and did hair for many years; often experimenting on my very own head. This may or may not have included a perm or two (or three!) and lots and lots of color!!

        Many years after any wretched perming took place, my body chemistry changed and decided to change my hair along with it. My loose curls tightened up into spiral coils, making my hair harder to manage and navigate through the dreaded middle school years.


        Figuring out the science behind how to nourish and care for my own hair since then has been quite the challenge. Along the way, it inspired me to learn more about all different hair types, and strive to educate others as well. I, of all people, understand how something as simple as what grows out of your head can be so complex!


         Part of what I love about doing hair is being able to help clients not only embrace their hair, but love it for what it is—UNIQUE. My purpose as a stylist is to educate and help my clients look and feel their best selves. My passion is to impact every unique client with my own unique sense of style and wonder.