We're genuinely excited to get back to seeing all of you in  the salon! We've made some adjustments to keep everyone safe and healthy during this time of transition:

If you haven't had your hair done since quarantine, please select one of the four options under "post quarantine- book here"

These service options allow time for an overhaul  (dude, we were ALL a mess!)  and getting you back to feeling like yourself . 

We've adjusted the distance between our stations, and our hours of operation; resulting in fewer people in the salon at once for long periods of time. 

We often work as a team to achieve your hair goals during your visit. If you prefer to limit contact to one service provider during your appointment, please let us know and we will do our best to accomodate. 

Please come alone to your appointment. One parent/guardian may accompany a young child receiving a service.

We will be taking temperatures and asking you about travel and sickness upon your arrival. Please cancel your appointment if you're feeling ill, even if you're convinced it's just a cold. 

You'll be presented with a freshly laundered robe, cape and stylist apron that will be designated for your appointment. Once we've checked you in, we'll ask you to change into your robe and wash your hands. There's a hook for you to leave your clothes on in the bathroom, or you may keep them with you at your stylist's station. 

We are following whatever PPE recommendations are provided by the  state. Currently all staff and guests are required to wear a face covering indoors. Our stylists often wear a face shield designed to keep the client safe with the lower portion of the shield closed, vs traditional shields with the bottom open. They help us breathe and see better, yay! Combined with your face being covered by a mask we feel they are just as effective, but we want YOU to feel comfortable during your visit too. So if you'd prefer your stylist to wear a regular mask for your service, don't hesitate to ask. 

Your retail purchases are sanitized before they're bagged for you. As well as your shampoo chair and stylist's station. 


Your stylist will still offer you a comforting or refreshing beverage or a snack. Allow us to assist you. 

Hand sanitizer will be available on every workstation as well as at the front desk. Our credit card processing is not currently compatible with apple pay or other tap to pay services. You'll be asked to insert your card into the card reader and sign your name on the tablet, which will be wiped between each guest. You'll have the option to add a tip for your stylist right on your card, no need to handle cash. 

Ok? Ok! Now who's ready to get back to some sense of  human connection? Let us pamper you and return to a little bit of normalcy!


Team KO

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