Meet April 

          I always thought math was hard.  And chemistry, while kinda fun, was just a periodic table and light bulb currents. Now I geek out on terms like molecular weight and water soluble. Color corrections are my love language and I’ll cut your hair armed with a tape measure and a protractor.

        As this beautiful industry keeps evolving, so do I. Once my dream was just to make a living and enjoy what I do. Now I know I can elevate the industry one new stylist at a time; and provide an exceptional guest experience in a totally approachable and relatable atmosphere. I dream of a playful and professional salon where my stylists love what they do. Contentment would be easy, but I push myself to level up, and I hope they find me an inspired leader.

           When I’m not wielding a blow dryer (or a protractor) you’ll find me wearing a microphone, cheering on my 5:30am kickboxing class or taking a sweaty yoga class on the weekend.

           My kid is smarter than me, and my husband more patient.  Palm trees make me happy; I WILL have one in my yard one day! And kickboxing and wine keep me sane (sorta).  I’m excited to meet you and hear what makes you happy and keeps you sane…


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